Hardwood flooring has this beautiful, natural texture that makes it outstanding. If water damage occurred on the floors, the best approach would be to call professionals for prompt repairs.

If you are looking for professionals for water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach, we at ServiceMaster are ready to help you maneuver the entire process.  


The Effects of Water Damage on Hardwood Floors

Water damage causes hardwood floorings to swell and expand from moisture buildup. The floor becomes uneven and may even start to warp, and if not attended to, these can bring about the rotting of the floor components. In such extremes, you may need to replace the entire floor, incurring extremely high costs.


Hardwood absorbs and releases moisture, which depends on the environment’s relative humidity. Wood floorboards swell or shrink when there’s an increase in a room’s humidity. It may lead to finishing damage and warped, rotten, or broken floorboards.


If this happens to your floors, hiring a professional for restoration is advisable. Our team at ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach and has a series of steps as far as floor repair after a water disaster is concerned.


With moisture and buildup comes to mold and mildew growth, another expensive affair to repair. When mold grows on your hardwood floors, you will need extensive treatments to get rid of it. Additionally, you may need to do this continuously as the wood may not dry entirely with the first treatment. 


Attempting to repair your hardwood floors after a water disaster may cause further damage and incur additional costs. Contact ServiceMaster for quick and effective water disaster restoration services, and rest assured of a stress-free restoration process.