Burst pipes in the winter can result in a water disaster in your home, causing destruction and loss of valuables. The good thing is with a prompt response, you can manage the situation and reduce the extent of the damage. 

At ServiceMaster, we provide water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach, helping you restore your home after a water disaster.

How can you prevent winter pipe bursts and keep your home free from water damage?


Regulate Water Pressure

The high water pressure within pipes can result in bursting, especially with the fluctuating temperatures in the winter. Ensure you understand the pressure rating for your specific plumbing and adjust the water pressure to match what the pipes can handle. 

Repair Insulation

Before the onset of winter, inspect the insulation on the pipes and repair any worn-out sections. This will reduce the risk of freezing, reducing the chances of the pipes bursting. Also, inspect insulation on the inside of outer walls to make sure drywall is in good condition. 

Plumbing Maintenance

Run thorough maintenance on the plumbing line to ensure every part is functional and in good condition. Check the exterior pipes for weather damage and replace broken or missing parts. Inspect the interior pipes, water fixtures, and faucets to ensure they function optimally. 

Heating System Maintenance

Inspect your heating system to ensure optional functionality during winter. If heating fails, the chances of pipes freezing and eventually bursting will be higher. Consider getting a professional to provide effective servicing and repairs if necessary. 

These tips are helpful to prevent frozen pipe bursts, but if they burst, call ServiceMaster Southside for cleanup. We provide flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, and thanks to our professional team, your home will be restored in due time.