Keeping your home functional and safe calls for lots of responsibility, including preparedness in a disaster. Water damage is one of the leading problems homeowners face; therefore, it is crucial to understand the different types, to facilitate proper restoration. 


If you live in Southside, ServiceMaster is a call away in the event of a water disaster. Our team is skilled in providing water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach, taking away the hassle of putting your home back together after a water disaster. 


For proper mitigation, you ought to understand the three categories of water damage. 


Sanitary Clean Water Damage 


This is the cleanest type of water damage resulting from your clean water plumbing line. If your clean water pipes burst, your home will suffer from sanitary water damage. It is the most straightforward form to clear, even though the restoration process is similar to the other types of damage. 


Significantly Contaminated Gray Water


This water falls in the middle of contaminated levels. It is majorly wastewater from sinks, tubs, and overall wastewater fixtures in your house. It is not as clean as sanitary water; therefore, it needs additional caution during restoration. 


The good thing is that ServiceMaster uses high-quality equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure safe and sanitary restoration. If you are searching for water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach, do not hesitate to call us. 


Grossly Contaminated Black Water


This water comes from the sewer line, including your toilets. The water is packed with harmful bacteria and viruses; therefore, not suitable to handle yourself. If your home has black water damage, the best thing is to get professionals for restoration.


ServiceMaster Southside provides water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach, so you can bring them on board if you have water damage in your home.  We use sanitary methods of restoring a property, including personal protective equipment and industrial cleaning tools, to ensure effective restoration, regardless of the type of water damage.