Water disasters in the winter can be stressful to manage; therefore, the best way to avoid that is to prevent them from occurring. But, if you suffer water damage, ServiceMaster of Hampton Roads can be of use. They provide water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads and the environs. 


So, what winter hazards should you look out for?


Frozen Pipes


Frozen pipes are a common cause of water damage in the winter. The water temperature in the pipes can dip below the freezing point, causing the water molecules to expand. Over time, the pipe fails to hold the expansion and eventually bursts, causing water damage to the adjacent components. 


Ruptured Outdoor Water Lines


The main water lines still need to function in the winter; however, it is best to turn them off if not in use. If you use a garden hose or and sprinkler system, you may need to turn it off to prevent the water from freezing inside, expanding, and eventually bursting the pipes. 


In the event of a burst, consider bringing ServiceMaster on board. They provide water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads, ensuring restoration happens as quickly as possible. 


Leaking Water Heater


During the winter, the water heater works harder than usual; with the low water temperatures. If you have an old one, it may deteriorate in quality leading to cracks and leaks. It is therefore essential to service your water heater before the onset of winter to ensure optimal functionality. 


Melting Snow on the Roof


As winter progresses, snow buildup on the roof, increasing the risk of water damage, especially if the roof components are not in the best state. The best way to curb this is by raking the snow away in between snowfalls to reduce the buildup and reduce the risks of water damage. 


These winter hazards can cause extensive damage, but you do not have to deal with the sudden disasters alone with a trustworthy water disaster restoration company. ServiceMaster has a professional team providing water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads, ensuring quick and effective restoration.