Water disasters can be expensive, especially if the damage is extensive. But, if you have insured your property, you can get some help from your insurance company. 


First things first, you need to reach out to your water restoration company to prevent further damage. ServiceMaster is a reliable company providing water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads and can come in handy in a water disaster. 


Here is how to claim insurance after water disasters. 


Contact Your Insurance Company


Immediately the water disaster occurs, reach out to your insurance company to start the claim process as early as possible. While at it, find out the following things: 

  • Whether the damage is covered under the policy, you have for your property.
  • How long you have to file a claim.
  • Whether the claim exceeds the amount of loss, you agree to pay before your insurance comes on board.
  • How long the claim will take to process.
  • Whether repairs estimates are necessary. 


Start on Repairs


The insurance company may take a while to evaluate the extent of the damage. Since this could delay them coming on board with the repairs, it is advisable to start restoration as soon as possible. ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads and can help you restore your property. 


Keep Track of Expenses


Once you start repairs, keep a record of the expenses and file the receipts. These will come in handy while filing the claim for reimbursement. If you need to find other accommodations during the repairs, keep the receipts and submit those too. 


Record the Damages


Your insurance company may send an adjuster to assess the extent of the damage. Record the damages by writing a list of all the valuables and components destroyed and photos of the damaged items. 


Take note of any structural damage and note it down with the adjuster. These will help you file a conclusive claim ensuring your company covers for most of the damage. Keep all the copies your company gives you and have copies of all the documents you send to them. 

Dealing with a water disaster can be overwhelming, but you do not have to worry about restoring your home to functionality with ServiceMaster. Their team is equipped with tools and equipment, providing water disaster restoration services in Hampton Roads. They will handle the mess effectively and lift the hassle off your shoulders.