The invention of home appliances makes our life easier. They play various roles, including cleaning, cooking, and storing food. Most of them use water hence requiring proper maintenance. Neglecting their maintenance may cause extensive water damage, attracting hefty costs associated with water disaster restoration services.  

What are some of the home appliances that can cause water damage?


A Refrigerator is an essential appliance at home. It helps keep food for a long time without going bad. However, refrigerators are prone to leaks due to logging at the defrost drain. Responding quickly to refrigerator leakages is a significant way to prevent unforeseen water damage.


Dishwashers run using a large flow of water which if leaks occur can result to water damage. The adjacent walls and floor can be favorable environments for mold to grow, causing even bigger proble. If you notice dishwasher failure, Call us for immediate water disaster restoration and repairs.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are a lifesaver, but they need terrific maintenance. Leakages at hoses are a sign of possible water damage. Ensure to do a regular inspection to check out for any changes. Remember to call ServiceMaster to replace your hoses and train you how to follow your machine routine instructions.

A Hot Water Heater

A water heater can cause water damage if you slack with maintenance. It can corrode fast because the interior is made of steel. It may also form a sediment at the bottom, resulting in risks of blockages, which could lead to water damage.

At ServiceMaster, we respond 24 hours a day because we understand that water disasters can strike anytime. We provide solutions to leaking home appliances and other kitchen flooding issues so feel free to contact us for water disaster restoration services.