Mold is a common sign of water damage and can be costly to eliminate. But with professionals for water damage restoration in Virginia Beach, you can cut costs and remove the mold effectively. If you need a reliable water damage restoration company, our team at ServiceMaster is a call away. 

Considering how costly water damage restoration is, you can save money by bringing your insurance company on board. But is mold removal covered by home insurance? 

Home insurance usually covers damage to your property from fire, vandalism, or natural events. In the past, home insurance companies covered mold damages, considered a natural type of damage. But this has since changed. Today, your mold damages are exclusively covered if a claim covered by your policy materializes.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold

Your home insurance policy will cover mold removal only when linked to a covered peril. For example, water leaks caused by damaged water heaters or blocked pipes can lead to mold growth, and as a result, your insurance will cover mold removal in following what is stipulated in your policy. 

When Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover Mold | Water Damage Restoration

Insurance companies will avoid covering many instances of mold. If they identify that the growth of mold was a result of neglect, they will not offer coverage. On this note, you should report any signs of leakage early, and your insurance provider should assist with mold mitigation. 

If you live in Virginia, consider installing a dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels at a level where mold cannot thrive. And, if your property sufferers water damage, and develops mold, hire ServiceMaster. Our team provides water damage restoration in Virginia Beach and will help you restore your home. 

Remediating a home plagued with mold is expensive. As such, you should prevent the growth of mold early by repairing leaks on time, controlling indoor moisture levels, and keeping ventilation at optimal levels. Our team at ServiceMaster is highly responsive should you need water damage restoration in your Virginia Beach home.