Mold grows in damp places such as bathrooms. It can pose serious health problems and may cause property damage. Knowing the necessary steps to take after noticing mold growth is essential.

If you have mold in your home, ServiceMaster is just a call away. We provide water damage restoration in Virginia Beach and the environs. What are some of the ways you can keep your home free from mold?


Find the Source of Moisture

This is the most practical step in preventing mold growth—lookout for leakages from pipes and home appliances. Ensure you seal off these spots to discourage the spread of moisture. A dehumidifier comes in handy to help maintain the level of humidity. Also, keep your home well-ventilated to allow easy flow of air.

Clean the Affected Area 

You can remove small amounts of mold by yourself. Make sure to use a detergent for cleaning. Follow with a water-bleach mix. Scrub using a brush, rinse and let the surface air-dry. You may also use natural remedies such as hydrogen peroxide and vinegar for effective cleaning.

Ensure you wear protective gear to help protect you from exposure. For example, eye protection prevents bleach or detergent from splashing into your eyes.

Hire a Professional Mold Removal Service

Suppose the area covered by mold growth is widespread; it would be wise to hire professionals to take up the challenge. At ServiceMaster, we use specialized equipment to go through the water damage restoration process including removing mold growth.


Detecting a musty smell or black spots of mold on surfaces can be alarming. At ServiceMaster, we have specialists who strive to provide customers with valuable services, including mold remediation. Reach out to us to restore your home in due time.