Water Damage Cleanup | The Tools You Need for Water Damage Cleanup 

Water Damage Cleanup | Homes are simply not built to be able to withstand water inside the home. When drywall, paint, electrical units, wood, and other building materials take on a lot of water, damage can sometimes be extensive. Proper cleanup is essential to reducing those damages and being able to use the rooms in your home as they are intended. The first thing you need to know about water damage cleanup is the tools you will need for the job. 

Safety Gear- Before you start water damage cleanup, you must first have the proper safety gear to protect you against mildew, debris, and even possible electrocution. You’ll need rubber boots and gloves, waders if you are going into standing water. You’ll also need to consider a hardhat and wear safety glasses. Respirators will protect you against any mold or mildew in the air. 

Pumps- If you have standing water, you’ll need to pump it out of the room using water pumps that suck the water out of the room and reroute it away from home. 

Wet/Dry Vacuum- After any standing water is removed, you will still have wet carpets and rugs. A shop vac or wet/dry vacuum is what you’ll need to suck all the water out of the fibrous materials. Wet vac’s are essential in water damage cleanup. 

Air Circulators- You’ll need to remove the moisture from the room, which means you’ll have to use dehumidifiers. You’ll also need to keep the air moving so that mold and mildew don’t develop, and the carpets and walls can dry out completely. Large fans will circulate the air as the dehumidifiers remove the moisture. A hairdryer can be used in localized areas. 

Mops, Buckets, and Towels- These seem basic but are easy to forget. You’ll need these for cleaning up water in small areas that are not carpeted. 

Professional water damage cleanup companies have all the tools necessary to mitigate water damage and get your home looking better than ever, Call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for a quote today at 843-760-0404.