Water Damage Cleanup | Saving Carpets During Water Damage Cleanup 


Water damage cleanup can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Everyone knows that standing water attracts bugs and causes mold, not to mention it can ruin any of your furniture or belongs that are left sitting in water. If you call a water damage cleanup company like ServiceMaster of Chesapeake right away, you can save a lot of your property, even the carpets, that are underwater. 

Removing the Water

The first step to saving your carpets is to remove the water as quickly as possible. The longer the carpets stay under the water, the worse the deterioration will be. You can remove water using buckets if you have more than a few inches of water, then use a shop vacuum made for water removal. Professionals like ServiceMaster have pumps designed especially for water extraction that will save you time and headaches. 

Drying the Carpet

Your water damage cleanup cannot be done in one day. After the water removal process is completed, you will need to dry your carpets thoroughly using fans and air movers. You can rent or purchase fans like this from home stores or commercial rental companies. Open up the windows to help with air circulation and don’t forget the dehumidifier. If you don’t remove the moisture from the room, you’ll never get your carpets completely dry. 

Steam Clean the Carpets 

Drying out the carpets and room can take a few days depending on how much water you accumulated. After the carpets are dry (your professional restoration company has tools to determine dryness), you will need to clean the carpets to remove mildew and prevent mold growth. Steam cleaners are best for sanitizing and deodorizing the carpets. 

Replace the Padding

Most water damaged carpets will need to have the padding replaced. Replacing the padding is much less expensive than having brand new carpet installed. 

Water damage cleanup can be laborious, especially if storm flooding as mixed in silt, sand, and mud with the water in your home. Hiring a professional disaster restoration company to help you with water damage is always a wise choice. Call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for a consultation today at 843-760-0404.