Cleaning your home may seem like an easy task, but if not done effectively can result in mold growth, destruction of components, and health hazards. In such a case, hiring professionals for restorations would be best. ServiceMaster Southside provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, helping you restore your home to a functional and safe state. 

You must understand how to keep your house clean following proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting strategies. 


Cleaning is the first step to removing dirt, debris, and contaminants from surfaces. This process involves detergents, water, and scrubbing brushes to eliminate grime and lodged dirt.



Disinfecting is an essential step to killing bacteria and viruses that could otherwise cause diseases. Disinfection is crucial as a regular cleaning step to ensure all high-traffic areas are safe for everyone in the home. 

If your home suffers water damage, hiring professionals for optimal cleaning and disinfection would be the best approach. Our team at ServiceMaster Southside provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach. Thanks to our effective cleaning and disinfection strategies, you will have your home back to functionality in no time. 


Sanitizing is more like disinfecting; however, it does not kill all germs and contaminants. Instead, it reduces them to a safe level that cannot result in illnesses if you come into contact with them. Sanitization is necessary on kitchen counters, toilets, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas.


Keeping your home clean is easy, but you might need professional help in the event of water damage. Thankfully, ServiceMaster Southside is a call away. Our skilled and equipped team provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and will respond promptly and restore your home effectively.