Mold is common after water damage, especially if cleanup is not done to completion. You need professionals; ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, so you do not have to worry about mold growth with us on board. 


This is how professionals for water damage cleanup go about mold removal to ensure complete restoration of your home. 


Moisture Assessment


Professionals assess the amount of moisture buildup in the affected area. This helps determine why mold is growing and what to do to prevent further damage. 


Removal of Contaminated Materials


Materials affected by water damage are a top cause of mold growth, thanks to the moisture buildup. Our team, providing water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, ensures all contaminated and water-damaged materials are out of the affected area to cut the risk of mold growth and ensure effective cleanup. 


Repairs for Leaks


Before mold treatment and removal, your water damage professional has to stop the cause of water damage to prevent additional moisture buildup during and after mold removal. 




Mold-affected areas have to be isolated to prevent the passing of spores into the air and the possible growth of mold in other parts of the property. Usually, professionals hang plastic sheets over openings such as doors and windows to ensure mold spores are contained. 


Vacuuming and Deep Cleaning


Vacuuming helps to remove dirt before applying mold-removal solutions. After this, your water damage professional use wire brushes to break up the mold and heavy-duty cleaning wipes to scrub before applying a cleaning solution. 




Professionals run a second assessment of the affected area to ensure all mold is removed. If not, they will start the process again until no mold can be traced. 


DIY mold removal can be dangerous; therefore, if your Southside home has traces of mold, leave the job to ServiceMaster  Our team is equipped and skilled to provide water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, handling mold-affected areas with caution and getting your home back to functionality.