After water damage, the water removal process comes across as simple, but it is one of the most challenging steps of water damage cleanup. The good thing is that ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, so should you need help, they are a call away. 


These four steps during water damage removal are essential to restoring the property to functionality. 


Inspection and Assessment


Before your water damage cleanup professional starts on water removal, they will inspect the affected area and assess the extent of the damage. This will guide them on the type of equipment and the kind of strategies to use to ensure effective water damage cleanup. 


ServiceMaster is equipped with tools and equipment, providing water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach. The professionals take away the hassle of cleaning up your property, cutting back on damage and unforeseen expenses. 


Water Removal


This step involves the use of special tools and equipment to extract water. Immediate water removal can prevent damage to your essentials, especially if the damage is from flooding. With professionals on board, you can rest assured of effective water removal, an essential step to restoration. 




After water removal, the next essential step is to dry the area thoroughly. Water extraction alone is not enough to restore the property to functionality. Again, any moisture left can create a favorable environment for mold and mildew to grow, causing further damage. 




Water damage can result in contamination, which could bring about additional problems. After extraction and drying, your water damage professional will disinfect the area to kill any microorganisms that may have grown after water damage. 


The water removal process calls for professional intervention to ensure an effective restoration. ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, taking up the challenge and saving you the hassle of restoring your home.