Water damage can be a frustrating thing to handle, especially if you have never come across it. Missing the signs early on and overlooking the obvious signs can cost you valuable time and money. If you have water damage in your home and looking for water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads, Service Master can come in handy for that service.

Here are signs that your property would be water damaged. 


If you spot mold developing on the walls and ceiling, there is a high chance of water damage. Mold usually occurs when your plumbing system leaks into the adjacent surfaces leaving water signs. You can check for mold near your laundry rooms, kitchens, bathroom, and other wet areas. 

Funky Odor

If you walk into a room and the first thing you notice is a musty, damp odor, then this could mean water damage. You can identify where the water damage is prevalent by finding the areas where the smell is more intense. 

Flaking Drywall 

You may miss water spots that dry up after leakages, but if you notice flakes around your walls, there is a possible chance there is water damage. Check the plumbing system behind the walls for leaks, or consult a professional to assess the situation. Service Master offers water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads; therefore, you can schedule a cleanup session. 

Increased Humidity

If the humidity in your home has suddenly gone up beyond normal levels, you might need to check for water damage. The damp environment adds to the moisture in the air and could cause extensive damage to your property. Additionally, it could result in serious respiratory issues if not managed on time.

These are some of the most common water damage signs you should look out for. If you find water damage in your home and looking for a water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads, Service Master will come to your rescue. Their team of professionals will take care of the situation and restore your home to full functionality.