Wood floors are aesthetically pleasing, but they can be challenging to manage and restore in the event of water damage. If your home suffers water damage, Service Master will help you take care of your floors and the entire house. They provide water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and the neighboring areas. 

How you can protect your wood floors from water damage in Hampton Toads:

Use Mats and Carpets

The easiest way to protect your floors from water damage is by laying down mats and carpets throughout the house. Use mats near water sources such as the kitchen sink, bathtub area, bathroom sink, etc. Also, use mats at the entrances to keep water away when it rains. 

Another vital area to use rugs on your wooden floors is under your pets’ water and food bowls. The mats will trap water and any other liquids in case your pets knock the bowl over. 

Regular Maintenance

It is agreeable that wood floors are a task to maintain. But, it is essential to ensure regular maintenance and prevent destruction in the event of water damage. Check for any pipes in contact with your floor and ensure they are not leaking. 

Additionally, seal the hardwood during installation to prevent water from seeping through the wood. Reseal it every few years to maintain the coat in excellent condition and to avoid water seepage. 

Clean Up

Always clean up spills immediately they happen to prevent the floors from lodging moisture. If water damage occurs unexpectedly, call cleanup professionals to ensure timely and effective cleanup. Service Master offers extensive water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and will help you restore your home to functionality. 

Wooden floors are expensive, and in the event of water damage, they are prone to extensive damage. This is why you should contact Service Master for timely water damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and the environs. The team will ensure quick and effective restoration of your home after water damage.