Water Damage Cleanup | Appliances That Can Cause Water Damage


Water Damage Cleanup | When most people think of water damage in the home the first thought is because of some type of flooding due to nature. Nature is a big cause of water damage but it is not the only reason. The appliances in your home are another culprit that can get often overlooked. Many of the appliances in your home work with water on a daily basis. When these appliances experience problems you can be left with standing water in the home. Here are some appliances that you need to look out for.


Dishwashers are a great invention that save you from washing each dish individually. However, like any machine there are times when they can act up. Dishwashers can break and cause water to leak all over your kitchen floor.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are another machine that you use on a daily basis and overtime can have functioning problems. Washers can overflow causing damage to carpet, walls and clothing.


Large deep freezes are nice to store food over extended periods of time. Often, water freezes inside the freezer and causes ice chunks to build up around the inside. If the electricity goes out this ice can thaw and leak all over your floor.


Toilets go through a lot of water every day. Every time someone in your family uses the bathroom gallons of water are flushed through connected pipes. If the toilet or subsequent pipes become weak they can spew water all over your bathroom.


Bathtubs/showers are another area where water can leak. Bathtubs can leak through cracks and cause water damage in the walls. Shower heads can crack and cause water to spray out uncontrollably.

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