The 7 Things Mold Needs to Grow in Your Home

No homeowner wants to hear that they have mold in their home but many don’t know the key factors that play into mold growth. Mold remediation services will usually be needed if you do find mold in your home. Learn about the following 7 things that mold needs in your home in order to become an issue:

Mold Spores in Air

Mold doesn’t appear just out of thin air; it is already within the air. Tiny mold spores naturally occur in the air that we breathe everyday but it doesn’t harm us because the spores are so miniscule. It is when these spores attach to something and grow that they become a problem.


As living bacteria, mold needs something to feed off of. This is commonly materials like drywall, wood, or fabric but can also be things like food in a refrigerator or broken freezer. It is with these energy sources that mold can grow and cause the need for mold remediation services.

Above Freezing Temperatures

Mold does not grow in temperatures that are below freezing. However, this also doesn’t mean that it can’t grow in cold temperatures during South Carolina winters. Just because the temperatures are colder to us does not mean that mold can’t sufficiently grow.

Dark Areas

Mold is a sneaky problem because it oftentimes grows behind things that aren’t exposed to ultraviolet light. Mold growth happens behind wall cavities, in dark basements, and underneath materials that don’t see a lot of natural light.

Moisture to Spread

In order to expand, mold needs moisture to help it grow. Therefore, mold is commonly seen near a water source like a leaky pipe connection, wet wood from flooding, or even areas of high humidity where the water is prevalent in the air.

Oxygen to Breathe

As a living and breathing thing, mold needs oxygen to survive. Any access that it has to air, even in small amounts, can be enough to encourage growth.

Time to Grow

Depending on the above conditions, mold can grow either fast or slow. It won’t instantly show up once a flood has occurred in your home but will make its presence known about 1-2 days later.

If you ever find mold growth in your home, don’t hesitate to call the team of professionals at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake. They offer mold remediation services which remove the visible mold from your home in order to stop the mold growth and keep your family safe from harmful mold spores.