Having a fire in your home can be a catastrophic event. If your home is not damaged beyond repair it can be tempting to want to clean your home yourself. Smoke damage in a home can last well beyond what a homeowner can do. Hiring the professional team at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for smoke damage cleanup services is the best way to make sure that odor doesn’t linger and ruin items in your home. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a professional to take care of smoke damage after a fire in your home:

The Right Tools

Many fabrics like upholstery and curtains are easily cleaned with a home vacuum for minor treatments. However, after smoke damage has occurred, these same fabrics need specialized tools and techniques in order to be fully cleaned of smoke odors. Using a standard home vacuum, even with a brush attachment, can force soot and odors deeper into the fabric which makes it harder to clean.

Carpet Protection

Carpeted flooring is extremely susceptible to smoke damage. Even after your carpet has been fully cleaned it can still be harmed by the other items in your home that are trying to dry out from water that was used in fighting the fire. Furniture that has fabric can stain the carpet with dripping fabric dyes and metal furniture can rust at the bottom which will leave your carpet with rust stains. Hiring a professional service to provide smoke damage cleanup makes sure that the proper tools and steps are used to bring your home back to life.

Time Sensitive

Cleaning up after a fire is a very time sensitive process. The quicker that a team of professionals can clean your home the better your home the less items you will have to replace. Many items in a home will be completely ruined if not cleaned quickly.

Hiring a team of professionals from ServiceMaster of Chesapeake is a smart choice when it comes to smoke damage cleanup services. Allow a team of qualified staff members quickly clean your home in order to save your belongings.