Water damage can strike your home anytime. Flood water, underground sewage, leaking pipes, or damaged roof can cause water disasters. Standing water will create a pool for the growth of mold, which can be hazardous to your health.

If this happens, the best thing would be to get water disaster restoration services; that way, you can ensure effective and safe restoration after a disaster. At ServiceMaster, we have effective equipment, and our team is skilled to handle any extent of a water disaster. 

We all agree that you need to understand the entire process to get the most out of your water restoration company. On this note, you need to have a few questions to ensure you understand how the process works and get the best value for the money you put in. 

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company When Dealing With Water Disaster Restoration

Claiming coverage from your home insurance provider can be exhausting and time-consuming. Below we’ve included a list of questions to ask your insurance company when dealing with water disaster restoration. 

  1. Is my water disaster restoration claim covered?
  2. What happens if the damage is greater than policy limits?
  3. Will the insurance company incur all the restoration costs?
  4. What is my deductible, and how does it apply?
  5. Should I start the repair while waiting for the insurance company to respond?
  6. Should I clean up the standing water or hire a water disaster restoration company as I wait for the adjuster?
  7. What documents should I fill out, and how can I get them?
  8. How do I receive the settlement funds?
  9. What should I do if my insurance company denies my claim? 
  10. Will the insurance provider reimburse me for the additional cost spent paying temporary rent elsewhere? 

These questions should help you understand the importance of having professionals on board. If you are in Virginia Beach and your home suffers a water disaster, contact ServiceMaster. Our team provides water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach and will help you restore your home’s functionality in due time.