Kitchens are obvious zones of high water damage risk. Considering the number of water-associated fixtures and appliances, water damage can happen at any time. If this happens, ServiceMaster Southside provides water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach and can come to your rescue.

How can you prevent a water disaster from your kitchen appliances?

Inspect the Refrigerator

The refrigerator and freezer have the potential to cause moisture damage in your kitchen. The water lines and dispenser can break, causing a consistent stream of water that may go unseen. Water damage may happen on the floor, or adjacent walls as this builds up.

Catching such a problem on time can help minimize the extent of the damage. The idea is to ensure each refrigerator component is functional by running regular inspections and repairing defects on time.

Check the Dishwasher

Dishwasher leaks can cause a water disaster in your kitchen, possibly spreading to the rest of the house. Check the functionality of the dishwasher from time to time to catch any leaky drain pipes.

You can keep track of these by checking for water sports on the floors, wet spots on adjacent walls, or musky odors around the dishwasher. If you found water damage, consider ServiceMaster Southside, reliable professionals for water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach.

Inspect the Sink and Drain

A small leak or crack in your kitchen sink can be a recipe for disaster. Checking the condition of the sink regularly can reveal minor repairable defects before they go out of hand. You may need to replace the sink or the drain line to prevent leakages and possible water damage.

ServiceMaster Southside is reliable for water disaster restoration services in Virginia Beach. If you suffer a water disaster in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, call them for timely and effective restoration.