Mold Removal | 3 Ways to Remove Mold After A Flood


Mold Removal | Experiencing a flood after a hurricane can be hard on so many levels. Not only is your home in need of mold removal services and repair but so is every other neighbor’s house on your street. Consider these ways that you can remove mold in your home after a flood:

Remove Wet Items

Taking out all of the water damaged items in your home is key to beginning the mold removal process. Consider setting aside special items for cleaning but it is likely that most of the damaged items will need to be thrown out. This could mean that parts of the wall or flooring will need to be removed as well. Even if something looks dry consider taking it out of the home for a period of time while you work on restoring the home back to living conditions.

Disinfect Everything

Mold spores could be lurking on surfaces without being visibly present. Make sure to disinfect every part of the home that was within the flood level, as well as a foot or two above, in order to kill the mold within your home. Pay special attention to those areas of the home that are hidden or behind closed doors where mold likes to grow.

Call in The Experts

Mold removal after a flood can be a daunting task. Not only is your home in disrepair but the idea of having mold within the home is frightening. Make sure that you leave the heavy areas of the mold to the experts at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake in order to receive the highest quality of care. You won’t regret the peace of mind that comes with hiring professionals who know what to look for and how to clean mold.

Finding mold within your home after a flood is a common issue. Make sure to protect your home and your family by performing mold removal before it becomes an even bigger problem.


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