Do You Need Professionals For Mold Removal in Your Home?


Mold Removal | Mold is dangerous to have in your home and can cause health and respiratory issues if not removed. Mold removal in your home is something that you may be able to complete yourself, but many factors determine whether you should call in the professionals. 

The EPA has guidelines for mold removal that you can find in the EPA Guide for Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings for areas of mold that cover more than 10 square feet. Even if the mold is in your home rather than a business or school, this guide is still perfect for large scale projects. There is also a guide for duct cleaning that you can use if you believe the mold has infiltrated your HVAC system. 

If your mold damage is caused by flooding, sewerage contamination, or natural disaster, you need to call in professionals. Mold removal on a large scale can be hazardous to take care of and be around. Professional restoration companies such as ServiceMaster of Chesapeake employ restoration technicians that are certified in mold remediation. 

Hiring a professional for mass scale mold remediation is always a great idea because you can trust that the company knows what they are doing and will remove all of the dangerous molds from your home. Mold removal services are vital for cleaning up after storm water or wastewater flooding to ensure that your family stays healthy. You can’t always trust that the bleach and vinegar DIY methods or even home cleaners made for mold will ultimately work, primarily since these methods don’t always address the cause of the mold. 

If you are ready to call in the professionals to handle your mold removal, give ServiceMaster of Chesapeake a call at 843-760-0404.