Mold Removal | The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Mold Removal | Most homeowners have heard of mold and mildew but do you know the difference between the two? Their similarities include that they both love warm areas and moisture but one can definitely harm you more than the other. Learn about the differences between these two items below:

Their Appearance

Mold is usually either a green or black color that grows underneath anything that has gotten wet. It can be slimy or fuzzy depending on the type of mold it is. Mildew is usually white, yellow, or grows on top of a surface that is wet and warm. Mildew usually looks like a powder or if fluffy in texture.

Where They Begin

While both mold and mildew can grow on warm wet surfaces they tend to start growing in different places. Mildew will usually grow on common household surfaces like fabric, paper, or leather. Mildew is most commonly found in the laundry room after wet clothes have been sitting in a washer or dryer for too long. Mold usually grows on food as well as hidden areas like basements, attics, and behind drywall. Mold spreads quickly and without warning so mold remediation services are usually needed in order to rid your home of mold due to its sneaky nature.

Health Issues

Both mold and mildew can cause health concerns involving trouble breathing for anyone who is around them. However, mold poses a more serious health concern in that it can be a toxic mold that can cause death. Mold also deteriorates the structure of homes which can cause foundation problems and injury.

Cleaning Up

Mildew is typically much easier to clean up than mold. A good scrub and some mildew cleaner will rid the affected area of mildew while mold remediation services should be performed by professionals. Another option is to do your best to prevent mold and mildew in order to refrain from needing to clean either substance up in your home.

Spotting the difference between mildew and mold is important to know as a homeowner. If you notice mold in your home make a quick call to the professionals at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake in order to provide mold remediation services today. Call today!