Mold Removal | Can You Ever Have 100% Mold Removal?


Mold Removal | Everyone knows mold is a bad thing. If we inhale or ingest mold, we can become ill and even die. When people see black, fuzzy gunk on their walls, their first reaction is “Black Mold!” and want to start mold removal right away. People do not realize that removing mold from your home 100% is not only impossible; it isn’t something you want to do.


Mold spores exist everywhere in nature. They are microscopic and float on the air, wafting in through your window screens and each time you open the door. Making sure that every trace of mold is gone from home is not possible. Mold is only dangerous when it colonizes. When mold spores are exposed to moisture, they can grow into colonies that produce harmful allergens that can cause serious health effects.


Most disaster restoration companies focus on mold remediation, which returns mold levels to natural, safe levels without the fallacy of being able to remove 100% of mold spores from home. The key to mold remediation is to prevent mold spores from colonizing, which means you have to be serious about water damage and moisture sources. The first step to mold removal of a colony is to address the moisture issue. Even if mold removal is successful, if the water problem isn’t addressed, the mold will continue to grow back and become dangerous.


One of the first signs of a mold colony is a strong, musty smell in a room. Toxic black mold usually appears as a slimy, black substance with a greenish or grayish coloration. This is different than the whitish, fuzzy mold that grows on food that is decaying, although you should avoid this type of mold as well.

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