Mold Removal | How to Assess Your Mold Risk 


Mold Removal | Mold is a vital part of the environment, but when it’s growing inside of your home, it can be dangerous to human and pet health. Mold can also significantly impact the longevity and safety of your home which means when you suspect mold you need to investigate and possibly call for mold removal service in Chesapeake. Four factors are considered when assessing mold risk in your home. 

Is the Mold Visible?

The most obvious way to determine a mold risk is to see the mold. If you find mold on the walls, ceilings, or your furniture, that’s the most clear sign you need that you have a mold problem. Mold growth inside your home is usually the sign of a much larger issue such as a leak or issue with humidity in your home. Even if you perform mold removal, if you don’t fix the cause of the mold growth, you’ll never get rid of the problem. 

Can You Smell Mold?

If your home has a musty smell that won’t go away or if the walls seem to give off a scent that is unpleasant or not normal, you could need mold removal. Sometimes mold growing inside the walls can cause mold sickness when the wall heats up from the sun, or the heat is running. 

Do You Feel Sick?

When you’re at home for long periods do you start to feel nausea or have a headache? Do you begin to feel better when you leave the house? Sick building syndrome is a sickness that can cause many harsh symptoms in humans including allergies, runny nose, cough, dizziness, or ear, nose, and throat problems that is caused from mold growth inside your home. 

Have Your Home Tested

If you’ve searched for mold and can’t find any, but you still smell it or suspect you’re suffering from mold-induced illness you should consider having a professional mold removal company in Chesapeake such as ServiceMaster. There are at-home mold tests that can be done, but if you’ve already searched and you are coming up empty, ServiceMaster is the most reliable mold removal option. 

If you suspect you have a mold removal need, call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake at 843-760-0404.