There are many products on the market that will help to keep your home safe from water. Advances in technology have made these items affordable and also effective in detecting water leaks inside your home. Check out these 3 home alarms that will save you money and keep your home from needing water damage restoration services:

Basement Alarm

The Watchdog Water Sensor and Alarm from Glentronics, Inc. is an affordable way to keep your basement from being filled with water. Able to detect as little water as 1/32” deep, this inexpensive alarm is great to use near the base of water heaters. At around $12.00 this piece of equipment will pay for itself in alarming you of unwanted water in your basement.

Underneath Sinks

If you are looking for an alarm to help keep that same sink from leaking, consider purchasing the Zircon Leak Alert WiFi Alarm that can be placed anywhere thanks to its battery operation. This device will connect to your Wi-Fi and can send you emails, visual, and audio alerts if it detects any excess water. Use a few of them in problem areas around your house to prevent the need for water damage restoration services.


If you worry about water use appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, or refrigerator, the Floodstop system is a great option. This entire kit will be installed near the piping of your appliance and comes with detection mats and extra pipe fittings in order to automatically shut off the water to a leaky appliance. The battery operated detector can also be plugged in and will sound an alarm when excess water has been detected.

There is no reason why homeowners shouldn’t use technology to help them fight against floods in their homes. Alarms can differ greatly in pricing and more devices will be added to this growing market as homeowners make the move to create a smart home. If you don’t have these devices and water does flood your home, contact ServiceMaster of Chesapeake to quickly clean up the water and perform important water damage restoration services.