Flood Damage Cleanup | Restoring Your Business After A Flood


Flood Damage Cleanup | A natural disaster doing damage to your property is a business owner worst nightmare. In South Carolina flood damage is a concern that every business owner has to be prepared for. You should know how to complete flood damage cleanup on your business to get it up and running as quickly as possible to reduce your losses. 

  1. Contact Your Insurance- Before you start flood damage cleanup, you need to call your insurance provider and begin the claims filing process. Your insurance provider will need to come out and assess the damages before you begin the restoration process. This can be a frustrating part of the process, and the time spent waiting can result in the losses being even worse. This is why many people hire a professional restoration company like ServiceMaster to complete your flood damage. 
  2. Take Safety Precautions- Flood damage cleanup can be particularly dangerous because of debris, mold, and broken glass. You should make sure to wear protective gear such as safety glasses, rubber boots, and possibly even waders. You should also consider wearing a hardhat and gloves. 
  3. Clear Rubble- One of the hardest parts about flood damage cleanup is removing the debris and deciding what you can or cannot salvage or reclaim. Depending on the impact of the storm, you may have a lot of losses. 
  4. Get Rid of the Water- After you’ve gotten a lot of the rubble out of your home, you can suction out or clear out the water. You’ll need shop vacuums for water removal to suck the water out of the carpets. 
  5. Mold Cleanup- After a lot of water damage, there is a good chance you could have mold in your business. Mold can cause significant health issues and needs remediation before you can consider redecorating and reopening your business. 

Sometimes flood damage cleanup can be a far bigger project than you are expecting, and you’ll need to call in the professionals. If your business is underwater, call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake at 843-760-0404.