Flood Damage Cleanup | Precautions To Take During A Flood Warning

If there is a flood warning in your area you should be prepared to best keep your family safe. Floods can happen over an extended period of time or flash floods can occur over relatively short periods. It is best to have a plan before things become too severe. Your plan should involve some some common precautions so that you do not end up in a scary situation.

Stay clear of high waters

The first thing you should avoid during a flood is walking, swimming or driving through high waters. Even though they may not seem that bad, they still can sweep you up and carry you downstream. This could you to crash into an object and suffer bodily harm.

Stay off bridges

Another precaution you should take during a flood is to steer clear of bridges. High waters can come up over bridges and you could be pulled into the river or lake below. This could be disastrous for your vehicle and also your families safety. If you must drive you should stick to higher elevation areas and stay away from bridges or bodies of water.

Pay attention to instructions from the National Weather Service

A crucial piece of advice during a flood or any severe weather is to listen to any directions from the National Weather Service. The National Weather Service uses radar technology to track storms and are able to tell you what weather to expect before it hits your area. This can be very helpful to know, so that you know if you should stay put, stay off the roadways or even evacuate the area.

Floods are no joking matter and should be treated with the seriousness that they deserve. If you do experience damage from a flood you will want to contact professionals to handle your flood damage clean up. In the Chesapeake area that means you should contact ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for all your flood damage cleanup needs. Flood damage cleanup is a process that is best left to the professionals, so you do not experience rot and mold issues later down the road.