Your house just flooded, and you have no idea what to do. First things first, call ServiceMaster for a prompt response. Our team provides flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and will help you get your house back to functionality as quickly as possible.


So, what are the steps for water damage restoration after flooding occurs?


Document the Damage 


Before your flood damage cleanup company gets to your home, document the damage by taking pictures and recording videos of the affected area. These will come in handy when sending out claims to your home insurance company. 


Prioritize Safety


Flooded areas can pose risks of injury and illnesses. It is best to stay away from the flooded areas until professionals arrive. If you live in Southside, ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and the environs. You can count on us for a safe and effective restoration process, getting your home back to regular operation. 


Water Extraction and Drying


Leave this to the professionals for safety; flood damage cleanup professionals are equipped with the right tools for the job. With us on board, you can rest assured of complete extraction of water, preventing further damage to your home. 


Inspection After Restoration


This is important as it can reveal missed spots during restoration. The idea is to ensure the entire property is restored and there are no risks of mold growth or future flooding episodes if the problem results from plumbing and drainage lines in the home. 


Cleaning up after a flood can be strenuous, not forgetting the time it would take you to complete the job. This is where we, ServiceMaster, come in to ensure prompt and effective restoration. Our team has effective equipment, providing flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and the environs.