Flooding can happen any time of the year, including the winter. You want to ensure you have strategies in place to prevent it or at least be prepared to handle it if it happens. One of the things you need in the back of your mind is a reliable flood cleanup company. ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Hampton Roads, helping you recover quickly


The most important thing, however, is to prevent floods from happening during the winter. Here is how. 


Shoveling Snow Away


Floods during winter result from sudden snowmelt, especially after a snowfall. The best way to prevent this is shoveling the snow away as much as possible. If you live in an area where snowfalls occur regularly, you might need to shovel every few days. 


In case of sudden snowmelt, reach out to your flood cleanup company. If you live in Hampton Roads, ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and can be of great help settling you back after the flood. 


Clear Snow from the Roof


Another cause of flood during winter is sudden snow melts from the roof. The roof can hold quite a large amount of snow and, if not cleared regularly, can build up, eventually melting away when the weather gets slightly warmer. 


Inspect the Drainage Line


Regular maintenance of the drainage line ensures everything flows seamlessly, cutting down the flooding risks in your home. Check the downspouts, catch basins, and main drains and ensure they are clear for the free flow of melting snow. 

If you suffer from floods, ServiceMaster is a call away for rescue. They have an incredible team of professionals providing flood damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and the neighboring areas. With them on board, you can rest assured of effective cleanup and restoration.