Restoring your property after floods starts with a thorough cleanup, the most challenging part but the most important. If you need a reliable flood damage restoration company, Service Master provides flood damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and the environs. 

Here are steps you should take during Flood Damage Cleanup in Hampton Roads: 

Safety First

When flooding occurs, make sure you wear protective clothing when accessing the premises. Wear waterproof overalls, boots and a mask. Floodwater can contain sewage and other forms of contaminated water that could pose health risks. 

Collect Supplies

Before starting, prepare everything you need to do the cleanup. These are cleaning products, disinfectants, and cleaning tools. It is important to note that different surfaces may require different cleaning products and tools for effective cleaning. 

Remove Standing Water

Use pails or pumps to remove standing water. Use a vacuum to dry the area afterward to remove as much moisture as possible. 

Remove Soaked Items

Remove all the items floating and soaked in water. These could be damaged or salvageable. Set them outside to sort after the cleanup. Service Master provides flood damage cleanup in Hamptons Roads.

Remove Furniture

Next, remove furniture and other items to ensure the space is as empty as possible for effective cleaning. You want fewer distractions when cleaning for a quick cleanup. Also, you want to ensure your valuables do not undergo additional damage sitting around a flooded area. 

Clean the Floors and Walls

After clearing the floors and walls, you can now mop easily, vacuum and dry the premises. You may need a professional to help you with the dry-out step. You want to make sure the property dries up entirely before occupation to prevent mold growth. 

Flood damage cleanup should start as soon as possible. Contact Service Master immediately it occurs to ensure prompt action and prevent extensive damage. Service Master provides flood damage cleanup in Hampton Roads and will take the weight off your shoulders.