Commercial Cleaning Chesapeake SC | Three Floor Cleaning Services You Need For Your Business

Commercial Cleaning Chesapeake SC | One of the first thing you notice when you step into a business is the bright lights and clean, or not so clean, floors. The cleanliness and state of your floors are what helps form a customer or client’s first impression of your business and commercial cleaning in Chesapeake SC can help ensure your customer’s first impression is the best. There are three-floor cleaning services you need to consider for your business. 

  1. Strip and Wax

Tile floors can be made to look shiny and brand-new with a strip and wax service. Chemicals will be put on the floor to strip away worn or aged wax from the last service. Most technicians with commercial cleaning in Chesapeake SC companies will use a mop made of microfibers to apply the chemicals which must then rest for a while. The residue will be removed by a machine used to scrub the floors then a professional cleaning technician will apply the floor finish and scare any trouble spots to ensure all residue is gone. One more mopping will happen before a multi-coat waxing that will leave your floors shiny and smooth. 

  1. Burnishing

To get the maximum shine to your waxed floors you need burnishing. The burnishing process can be completed by commercial cleaning in Chesapeake SC companies and involves scrubbing and partially removing the top layer of old wax. Experienced floor cleaning companies will always recommend a burnishing and the deep clean to get the dirt off your floors will increase your floor’s longevity. 

  1. Floor Scrub 

Machine floor scrubbers are the best way to maintain your hard floors in your business. A rotating scrub pad and floor cleaning chemicals are used to penetrate and remove stuck-on dirt while suctioning the water up with it to leave your floor clean and dry. Floor scrubber machines make keeping your floors spotless easy and commercial cleaning in Chesapeake SC companies such as ServiceMaster of Chesapeake use the very best equipment to provide top-notch commercial cleaning services to businesses all over Chesapeake. 

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