Commercial Cleaning Chesapeake, SC | 3 Spots to Store an Office Fire Extinguisher


Commercial Cleaning Chesapeake, SC | Every office building should have a fire safety plan in place in the event that a fire does occur. Making sure that your office has the adequate amount of fire extinguishers, as well as the proper ones depending on the kind of work performed in your office, is very important. Consider these 3 spots to store a fire extinguisher in the office in order to prevent the need for fire damage clean up services.

Nearest the Greatest Risk

If you determine that the greatest risk of fire in your small office is the kitchen area then there should be a fire extinguisher mounted to the wall nearby. Consider hiring an expert to go through your office to help you determine what area is the greatest risk for a fire. Knowing where the possibility of fire is will help in combating a fire quickly should one occur.

Near Employees

Making sure that each employee is less than 75 feet away from a fire extinguisher is important when keeping your office safe from needing fire damage cleanup services. Place fire extinguishers at least 75 feet apart and no less than 75 feet from where employees work during the day. Seconds count when it comes to a fire and each employee should know where to locate the closest fire extinguisher to them at all times.

On the Wall

Mounting fire extinguishers to the wall make sure that everyone has easy access to it as well as can easily view it in the case of an emergency. Wall cabinets can be used to mount fire extinguishers as well as wall brackets. The handle of the fire extinguisher should be placed between 42-60 inches from the floor. This will allow employees to grab the fire extinguisher without tripping over it. Make sure that furniture is not blocking the wall mounted fire extinguisher as well.

Help your office avoid the need for fire damage cleanup services by having enough fire extinguishers properly placed within your office. Should an office fire occur, call ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for prompt and efficient service.