While water damage is mostly unexpected, you can keep an eye on some of the areas of your home to keep it at bay. In the event of water damage, the best solution would be to get professional cleanup. ServiceMaster Southside provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and can be of great help.

What are the areas in your home that might suffer water damage and demand cleanup and restoration?

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a hub for appliances and fixtures that may bring about water damage. A water disaster can occur unexpectedly, from dishwashers and refrigerators to sinks and extensive plumbing lines.

A little leakage on the plumbing line or a dysfunctional drain pipe can result in hidden water damage. If your appliances fail at draining water effectively, then water damage is inevitable. This is why it is essential to run regular inspections for timely repairs to prevent water damage.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has several fixtures and fittings; think of the skink, the shower, the toilet, the bathtub, and taps, not forgetting the various plumbing lines behind walls. Any kind of malfunction in these fixtures can be a recipe for a water disaster in your bathroom.

If it happens, look into hiring a professional for water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach. ServiceMaster Southside can take up the hassle of restoring your bathroom while preserving the functionality of the fixtures.

The Basement

Flooding in the basement is possible if you live in a flood-prone area. Also, if your main plumbing line runs in the basement, leakages and burst pipes can cause water damage.

The Roof

Missing shingles, dysfunctional gutters, and leaky roofs can cause water damage in your home. It is vital to regularly inspect the roof and conduct timely repairs of defects to prevent water damage.Keeping an eye on these areas is essential, but water damage can happen at any time. If it happens, the best solution would be to contact ServiceMaster Southside. Their skilled and equipped team of professionals provides water damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, helping you clear the mess as soon as it happens.