Floods are unpredictable and can be challenging to plan for. But, you can protect your home from damage by implementing a few strategies. Even so, flooding can occur and cause damage to your valuables. 

This is where ServiceMaster comes in. They provide flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and the environs, helping you restore your home in the best way possible. 

Here are the steps for floodproofing your home. 

Safe Positioning of Electrical Lines

The electrical line, including sockets, switches, and circuit breakers, should be at least a foot above the expected flood level in your location. This is a safe distance from the floor that, if a flood occurred, wouldn’t cause damage resulting from the electrical line getting into contact with water. 

Elevate Outdoor Equipment and Appliances

Your outdoor appliances and equipment are prone to get soaked in the event of a flood. Elevate them on a higher level to safeguard them from the rising water level. These refuel tanks and air-conditioning units, and other outdoor appliances are connected to the electrical line. 

Modify Water Valves

A key cause of flooding in homes is backup sewage resulting from faulty water valves and, generally, plumbing lines. Therefore, it is essential to install interior and exterior backflow valves, specifically gate valves that provide a tighter and firmer seal. 

If you happen to suffer flood damage from backup sewage, ServiceMaster can come in and take care of the mess. They provide flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, and thanks to their trained staff, you can rest assured of an effective cleanup. 

Set Up the Outdoors to Drain Water Away from Your House to Prevent Flood Damage Cleanup in Virginia Beach

The slope of your outdoors can direct water to your house or away from it. It is best if your home is set up in a way the water drains away from it. Watch how the water flows during average rainstorms and alter the slopes of your outdoors to prevent water from reaching your house when it rains heavily. 

These tips are helpful, but they do not protect your home from floods fully. If flooding happens, call ServiceMaster for prompt intervention. They provide flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, helping you restore your home quickly.