Flood damage will make your home unbearable for a while. For this reason, you must arrange restoration immediately before things get out of hand. The look of water standing where it should not be is an eyesore, while the sound of water gushing in your space is a complete nightmare. 

If addressed correctly and early, you can prevent further damage to your property. And as flooding season approaches, you need ServiceMaster on quick-dial. Our team is trained to provide flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach and will take up the mess. 

But while you wait for restoration, what immediate steps should you take?

Immediate Steps to Take After Your House Floods

Flood water in your home can result from internal issues, including plumbing problems and external events like extreme weather. When dealing with flood water, there are necessary steps you should take to protect your family and property. 

Stop the Source of Excess Water | Flood Damage Cleanup

If internal issues have caused the flooding, locate the source of excess water, switch it off, or seal it if broken. You should locate the main valve and switch it off before water floods your dwelling. 

Turn off Electricity

Turn off the electricity from the fuse box carefully while avoiding contact with water. If not possible, contact an electrician instead. 

Call Relevant Parties

After you’ve ensured all your family members and pets are safe, call your landlord or insurance provider to start the recovery process. If you are renting, the landlord should be aware of the emergency. 

For homeowners, notify the insurance of the flood water emergency. Confirm with them whether you are to wait for an adjuster before attempting clean-up.

Document the Mess | Flood Damage Cleanup

Before starting the clean-up, document the mess by taking photographs. While doing so, be careful not to come in direct contact with the flood water as it might be contaminated. 

Be Prepared, At all Times

According to reports, flood water is likely to damage 23% of properties in Virginia beach. However, Americans are also met with emergency flooding due to internal causes such as failed plumbing systems. Flood damage can cost you thousands of dollars, but it is possible to protect yourself from these expensive restoration costs. 

Call us at ServiceMaster, and we will work to restore your home to order. Our team is experienced in providing flood damage cleanup in Virginia Beach, so you can trust us with your property.